Being first is all that matters

Cryptocurrency markets are the most profitable place to be in the world right now. We are in the 90’s of the internet in terms of adoption. Large amounts of money continue to flow into the crypto space, which means there are always opportunities for gains. Many crypto millionaires have been minted and there will still be many more.


But DAMN is it HARD to keep up with all of the updates, new projects, token launches, trends and yield strategies.


There are over 21,000 cryptocurrencies. Many of them are trash, but many of them will make people rich. How to parse between the good and the bad?


An example: 

DeSo is just starting to heat up and has been getting coverage from many YouTube accounts. DeSo is a layer-1 blockchain built for heavy data usage services such as social media, messaging etc all happening on-chain. And with $200M in funding from the best investors in crypto – Sequoia, Digital Currency Group, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Andreesen Horowittz – they are slated to make big moves next bull market. Also, they launched in late 2021 at the height of the last bull market, so they really didnt have time to create real value and publicity. 


If you had been following CoinSider on Tube Alerts you would have found out about DeSo 3 months ago before it went up 100% (and we’re not even in a bull market yet). One to watch for the 2024 halving. 

Elon Should Use DeSo Instead Of Twitter...



For most of us, we have jobs and responsibilities that don’t allow us to spend enough time focusing on crypto markets. This is why following trusted YouTube creators is such a valuable way to stay on top of the markets. 


Top YouTube Channels get 10s of thousands or hundreds of thousands of views on every video. So also, BEING FIRST to watch these videos is a big advantage. 


How do I know this? I invented this product to do exactly that, allow me to be first to watch YouTube videos. I saw that when popular crypto YouTubers highlighted a project, there was a measurable increase in price directly after that. It’s a hack, yes, and a logical one. People learn from YouTube and YouTube creators make persuasive cases. I bought Frontier (FRONT) at $0.70 before it went up to $3.00 in a matter of days by being 1 of the 1st 100 people to watch this video: #1 Moonshot of ALL TIME (Top Crypto Gem EVER 2021) before the 215,000 people that have now seen it.


There are many more stories of success with this produce but to say it simply: we created Tube Alerts, to allow you to see EVERY video your favorite creators post, and be alerted INSTANTLY. Which are very important attributes when it comes to fast moving markets and uncertain times. 


Last bull cycle, in 2020, there are even clearer examples. If you had been following Ivan on Tech you could have seen this video before 143,000 other people watched it  – TOP 3 Coins To EXPLODE In March!!! @Ivan on Tech Reveals Secret Gems! – and bought Polygon at $0.16 before it went well over $2.00 in the following months. 


If you put $1,000 into Polygon (MATIC) you could have walked with with $15,000!!! 







Another Hot Example RIGHT NOW:


Aptos (APT) has been getting a lot of publicity for a few months now and has not even launched its token yet. 

Aptos is being described as the next Solana or ethereum killer due to its ability to settle transactions in parallel, and not one at a time like ethereum does, bringing its TPS to 160,000. It also has already launched multiple products on top of it’s chain. 


If you had been following Coinsider on Tube Alerts you would have seen this video: The Solana Killers Have Arrived (Sui & Aptos) before 37,000 other people.


If you had been following InvestAnswers on Tube Alerts you would have seen this video: New Solana Killers! A threat? Deep dive into Aptos + Sui before 59,000 other people.


If you had been following The Bitcoin Express on Tube Alerts you would have seen this video: APTOS AIRDROP!! The Crypto You DIDN'T Know About before 17,000 other people.


If you had been following those channels you could have gotten an airdrop of APT tokens. And maybe you still can!


It is not easy to be an investor in crypto and it feels like the market is always moving faster than we can. We aim to give you the ability to move at the pace of the experts by following right on their heals. 


Another example: 

If you had been following BitBoy Crypto with Tube Alerts you would have been able to buy Elrond (EGLD) at $41.00 right before it did a 3x by watching this video – This New Crypto Project Will 50x By End of 2021 (Elrond Price Prediction) – before 195,000 other people.


Enough said. It’s all about FREEDOM here at Tube Alerts. We think for most people, learning about crypto through YouTube is probably the best way to go about it. So we want to give YOU the YouTube the way YOU want it. Direct, Instant, Every-Single-Time. 



Much love from Elijah and Dan at Tube Alerts and we hope to hear from you soon.




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